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World Expositions, or World Expos, are large-scale international exhibitions licensed to, and organized by, member countries of the Bureau of International Expositions (BIE). The BIE both supervises and regulates these expositions.

In past decades, such events were denoted by various descriptors such as Universal Exhibition, International Exhibition, International Exposition, Universal Exposition, and World’s Fair. Today the term World Exposition, or World Expo, is the official descriptor prescribed by the BIE. 

A World Expo today is regarded as the third most significant global event in terms of its economic and cultural impact, after the Olympic Games and the FIFA World Cup. 

Useful Website 

Bureau of International Expositions (BIE):

Past Expositions

1960Milan, ItalyDecorative Industrial and modern Arts and modern architecture
1961Turin, ItalyCentenary Celebration of the Unification of Italy
1962Seattle, USAMan in the Space Age
1963Hamburg, GermanyAll categories of the horticulture : economic and cultural
1964Milan, ItalyDecorative Industrial and modern Arts and modern architecture
1964*Vienna, AustriaInternational Horticultural
1965Munich, GermanyTransports
1967*Montreal, CanadaMan and His World
1968Milan, ItalyDecorative Industrial and modern Arts and modern architecture
1968*San Antonio, USAThe confluence of civilizations in the Americas
1969Paris, FranceFlowers of France and Flowers of the World
1970*Osaka, JapanProgress and Harmony for Mankind
1971*Budapest, HungaryInfluence of hunting in man and arts
1972Amsterdam, NetherlandsEffort accomplished by international horticulture
1973Hamburg, GermanyInternational horticulture
1974Spokane, USACelebrating Tomorrow's Fresh Environment
1974*Vienna, AustriaInternational Horticulture
1975Okinawa, JapanThe Sea we would like to see
1980Montreal, CanadaRelationship between man's socio-culture activities and his physical environment
1981Plovdiv, BulgariaHunting, fishing and man in your Society
1982*Amsterdam, NetherlandsInternational Horticulture
1982Knoxville, USAEnergy turns the world
1983*Munich, GermanyInternational Horticulture
1984New Orleans, USAThe worlds of Rivers - Fresh water as a source of life
1984Liverpool, UKThe progress accomplished by International and National Horticulture
1985*Plovdiv, BulgariaAchievement of the Young Inventors
1985*Tsukuba, JapanDwellings and surroundings - science and technology for man at home
1986*Vancouver, CanadaWorld in Motion - World in Touch
1986*Brisbane, AustraliaLeisure in the age of technology
1988Milan, ItalyCities of the World and the future of Metropolis
1990*Osaka, JapanRelationship of gardens and greenery to human life helping in the creation of a rich 21st century society
1991Milan, ItalyLife between Things and Nature (ecological intention and challenge)
1991Plovdiv, BulgariaYouth activity for a peaceful world
1992Genoa, ItalyChristopher Columbus - The Ship and the Sea
1992*Seville, SpainAge of Discovery
1993Stuttgart, GermanyCity and Nature - Responsible Approach
1993*Taejon, South KoreaThe Challenge of a new road to development
1996Milan, ItalyIdentities and differences. Integration and plurality in today forms. Cultures between ephemeral and durable
1998Lisbon, PortugalOceans - A Heritage for the Future
1999*Kunming, ChinaMan and Nature - Marching into 21st Century1999*
2000*Hannover, GermanyHumankind, Nature, Technology
2002Haarlemmermeer, NetherlandsContribution of Horticulture to the quality of life in the 21st Century
2003Rostock, GermanyThe Green Exposition by the Seaside
2005*Aichi, JapanNature's Wisdom
2008*Zaragoza, SpainWater and Sustainable Development
2010*Shanghai, ChinaBetter City, Better Life

Future Expositions 
Theme – “Now for the future”
It represents Brunei’s existing environment, which is ready and eager to change and develop, in its commitment to meet the need of its citizens, not only in the present but also for the future generation, according to our ‘Vision 2035’ 

The theme Now… for the Future reflects Brunei Darussalam’s commitment to meet not only the immediate needs of our people, but even more importantly, the long term aspirations of our young people and our future generations.

For 80 years, our economy has been largely based on oil and gas, as a result we enjoy a high standard of living with education and health care among the highest in the developing world.

In order to ensure our people continue to enjoy such benefits, our government has set us the task of maintaining economic prosperity in an exciting and fulfilling social and natural environment.

In this exposition, therefore we are displaying our efforts to meet these dual challenges by diversifying our economy, developing the skills and talents of our people and improving the quality of our lives, with continuing to preserving our natural environment and honoring our rich heritage and deep tradition.

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